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Avukat Kenan UYSAL Hukuk Ofisi is a Criminal, Divorse and Commercial litigation law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey that provides a wide-range of legal services to companies of Istanbul and to individual businessmen of Istanbul . The firm has steadily risen to prominence and has become one of the leading law firms in the region. The firm takes pride in knowing that they are one of the most trusted law firms in Turkey despite their small size compared to many other comparable law firms. The attorneys at Avukat Kenan UYSAL Hukuk Ofisi have successfully assisted countless clients with a host of legal matters
Lawyers Avukut have worked since 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey and has a unique knowledge of the Turkish economy, culture and law , He also have large year of experience in Divorce cases, criminal cases and Commercial litigation in turkey. Lawyer Avukut is innovative and progressive in his thinking. He use technology to help clients get through the judicial system in Turkey and come up with strategies that are unique but get the job done and serve their clients’ best interests.
The lawyer Avukut has different way of work, He not only Satisfy his clients, but also develop long-term relationships with their clients, providing services as their legal needs change throughout the years. By having such extensive legal knowledge of lawyer Avukut, clients may rest assured that their attorney will always be able to find an answer to even the most perplexing legal concerns.
Since our Firm Avukat Kenan UYSAL Hukuk Ofisi have built. We have built and work on a core set of ideas and values.
• Excellence – We have to provide the highest quality of legal service in each of our practice areas and we take pride in the work we do. Much of our work is highly sophisticated and requires extensive experience and attention. We understand business matters and bring commercial solutions to our clients’ needs and problems.
• Strong Relationships – We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We work hard to understand our clients ‘need. Our primary goal with every client is to gain their trust and build a long-term relationship with them. We work as a team member of our clients team they can turn to when in need.
• Teamwork and Collegiality – We work hard but we refuse to lose our perspective on life. Since our founding, we have always maintained a friendly, open and inclusive firm culture in which individuality and independent thinking are highly prized.
• Social Responsibility – We are proud to be members of the legal profession as lawyer and understand the role we can play towards achieving positive social change and how to make Istanbul, turkey crime free.
Avukat Kenan UYSAL Hukuk Ofisi diversified practice enables it to offer solutions to the most challenging legal issues of commercial businesses and individuals in Istanbul. We provide various kinds of services to our clients such Divorcé, Criminal and litigation services.
Our services are :
 Litigation:
Considering the rights and obligations peculiar to commercial companies are constantly being reformed along with the legislation amendments within the EU Adjustment Program, our office provides litigation services to its corporate clients concerning all kinds of disaccords such as liquidation, annulment of general meeting, shareholders’ liabilities, checks and bond litigations and labor litigations.
 – Administrative Law
Litigation of unlimited jurisdiction and annulment of administrative proceedings against administrative sanctions before administrative courts and Council of State, objections against Public Procurement Agency’s decisions and settlement for disputes, objections against development and housing process and execution of juridical procedures.
 – Criminal Law
Our office provides legal services such as vindication of rights, denunciation against unjust treatment, right of audience, aerostation, declaration of testimony, representation in trials at criminal courts to individuals as part of adapted constitution and litigations in the field of Criminal Law.
- Tax Controversy & Litigation
Our office provides services to our clients in all tax conflicts and litigations of tax legislation such as disagreements concerning income tax and corporation taxes, tax exemption.
 – Wills & Estates
Our office processes its clients’ legal transactions such as arrangement of wills, inheritance transactions, estate actions, preparation of inheritance contracts, refusal of inheritance.